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   If you are reading this should be because you want to know: who I am, what do I do, and so, and so, and so... Well, I'm an artist from Toledo, I've been doing magic for more than 20, and despite my alopecia, I've made a living from an enough amount of people that want to see me doing magic for a while, almost 10 years ago. My specialty is card magic, because I am a true "geek" of cards, but on special occasions I also perform other styles of magic, mainly my mentalism acts.

   As I took some hundreds of performances behind me, I can boast of having done magic in some very cool places, as in Off-Broadway, where, after perform on several occasions in recent years, I ended up having my own show in April of 2013 along with my spanish colleague Dani DaOrtiz. Or when I participated in the convention of the SAM in Pittsburgh, in a theater where Harry Houdini himself performed. Or when I performed in Hollywood, at the Magic Castle, for Jorge García (Lost) or Conan O'Brien.

   I've also toddle on TV, but in my country has always been in modest channels.  I presented my own section of magic in a weekly show for four years. However, my broader appearances were from Miami in Late Night "Don Francisco Presenta" from Univision, ratings leader among the Hispanic population of the United States, and several Latin American countries. I was told  13 million people were watching my tricks... I think they were less. 12 millions as maximum.

   I'm a teacher of magic in the Tamariz's school in Spain "Gran Escuela de magia de Ana Tamariz", where I teach mostly card magic and magical theory. Also I lecture to other magicians, sometimes in real "tours" by some countries, where I visit almost a city per day, with my show and my talks. These days I'm like a rock star but tatty. And bald. And cheaper.

   That about my job. About my personal side, I do not talk about my private life ... well yes, but not for free! Meanwhile, David Britland made me a comprehensive interview that was published in Genii magiazine, and where you can find out many more gossip about me. Check it:

Señores y caballeros, padres y madres, niños y niñas, frutos y frutas, pulpos y pulpas, y pulpas de frutas: no deberían dejar escapar la oportunidad ir ver al gran Woody Aragón en directo. Hay quién dice que es uno de los mejores magos de España, pero a pesar de ello la Magia de este señor es algo loable y yo lo loo. Así que ya saben, si tienen ustedes ojos en la cara esta es una buena ocasión para usarlos, ábralos mucho y prepárense para ver, por primera vez, lo nunca visto." 

Luís Piedrahita

Siempre me ha asombrado la sutil inteligencia que descubro constantemente en la magia de Woody Aragón. Disfrutemos de ella, desgranemos los ¿por qué? de su genio y dejémonos cuidar por su talento divulgador. Nos lo pone tan fácil...”

Gabi Pareras

Woody… You’re the best!!!”

David Blaine

Woody Aragón has officially raised the bar."

Eric Jones

La magia de Woody es... Imposible. ¡Ni los propios magos sabemos cómo lo hace!”

Jorge Blass

Woody posee un don especial para “caer bien a todos”; su energía es desbordante y es absolutamente contagiosa, y nos lleva a sentirnos felices con su felicidad. Desde siempre, Woody, me sorprendió y admiró por su inteligencia y creatividad (su juego de la Balanza, una versión para ovacionarle, como lo hacen los públicos a los que yo he visto admirados y emocionados tras presenciar a Woody). Cada vez mejor artista, muy buena gente y... ¡ni un pelo de tonto!”

Juan Tamariz   

- S.A.M. Excelence in close-up 2011 award and "People Choice" award (Society of American Magicians. Pittsburgh 2011).

- Merit Award 2011 IBM (International Brotherhood of Magicians. Dallas 2011).

- Ron MacMillan “Kevin Ray Trophy”. First Prize.  International Magic Convention (London, 2011)

- North American and European FISM winner. Second Prize in card magic 2011/2014.

-ASCANIO award as magician of the year (Sociedad Española de Ilusionismo, Madrid 2006)

- First Prize: National champion in Card magic (National championship Barakaldo, 2005)

- Best close up magic show "La Varita” award for  “La Ilusión la pintan Calva (Bald Faced Liar)” (2011)

- Magic Academy Award to the best book on magic for “A Book in English” (Tannen’s, New York, 2012)

Named by many as one of the greatest card magicians of the new generation, Woody Aragón has worked in the best specializated magic theatres and festivals around the world, has appeared in TV in USA and Spain, he's an European and North American FISM champion winner of the main awards about close up magic, a wonderful creator and teacher that rocks when he lecture for his colleagues, and a great performer that makes any event extraordinary.


(C) 2015, Woody Aragón.